Last week we showed you a very bloody Donald Trump, and this week we're continuing the conversation with more menstrual-talk.

First, let's talk about Lammily dolls: They're basically Barbie dolls, only with normal, realistic, human proportions and features.

Their newest feature: having their period.

Yup, you read that right. Parents can now buy a "Period Party" accessory kit for their child's doll. There's no red dye or messiness involved (unlike the real thing), most of it is left to the imagination — but the practice prepares girls for the day their "womanhood" does arrive. Bless their little hearts.

The kit includes:

  • an educational pamphlet explaining the menstrual cycle
  • a pair of underwear (doll-sized)
  • 18 reusable pads/panty-liner stickers
  • a calendar and dot stickers

While the concept might be hard for some to grasp, Lammily explains, "On average, a woman between the ages of 12 and 51 spends a total of 6 years on her menstrual period. Yet, while being a huge part of female life, this perfectly healthy natural process is still surrounded with taboos.

“Let’s start an open and positive conversation about our periods."

Hey, we're totally on board.

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