The title of this article may have had you automatically thinking of Kim, but actually, the member of the Kardashian family who is now being criticized for her curves is Kylie! Two days ago, the 17 year old posted a picture to Instagram, stating that she wanted to “share her beauty secrets” with everyone. This secret she shared was the new PureLeef body plumping cream, intended to make your chest and backside fuller when rubbed into the skin. Half of Jenner’s Instagram picture shows her holding the breast plumping lotion with her newly larger chest and the other half shows her particularly round backside in leggings with the butt plumping cream on the counter.

The young celebrity is receiving a lot of negative criticism for marketing a body enhancing product at such a young age even though the product apparently “helps women to safely slim.” A few of the Instagram comments on the photo include, “Lol why at 17 though when you’re still growing?” and “Surgery not cream!!!” The company is stating that they are not paying Jenner for endorsements, and whether this statement is actually believable is quite questionable. It makes us wonder, Kylie, was there also a lip plumping cream you forgot to tell us about?

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