Australia is looking to introduce a new feral cat plan. Why? Turns out Australian felines aren’t minding their manners as much as they should, and have been helping themselves to one too many endangered birds.


Gregory Andrews, Australia’s first threatened species commissioner, is plotting to create a law that would make all domesticated cats exclusively indoor cats. This plan would also work to bait and confine feral cats to specific plots of Commonwealth land, where they could roam free like in national parks.

(Hold up—imagine camping in a national park with hundreds of cats roaming around!! <3 <3 Brownie points for Greg if he can make this happen.)

He tells The Sydney Morning Herald, “The plan over the long term is to make this part of our culture, and then it becomes normalized...It’s a journey that Australia has to go on.” He says that the measures will require “education and enforcement” that “does not cause an unnecessary financial burden on those who cannot afford the containment options, or lead to dumping of domestic cats.”

Well, we’re glad he’s being considerate of both our furry and feathered friends.

However, veterinarians have spoken out against the cause, saying that not all cats respond well to confinement, and could develop stress, bladder issues, and behavioral problems. After all, our feline friends are far less domesticated than our canine pals. Cats value their independence, and get stressed when it’s taken away. Aww :( No one wants Mr. Fluffy to be sad!

Save the birds?! Free the cats?!

What do you think?