Lululemon has, yet again, made quite the “boo-boo.” You may remember the company’s slip-up a few years ago when they were forced to recall several of their yoga pants for unveiling a little more than just workout sweat. There were several complaints that the Luon material the leggings were made out of was just too thin. This time around, the complaints are directed towards the hard, plastic drawstring ends found in over 23 of Lulu’s athletic top designs.

You may be asking yourself how such a small detail has caused the company to recall more than 300,000 of their tops, but according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, about seven customers have found themselves in harm's way because of these drawstring ends. There are no details as to how serious the injuries are, but we suppose they much be serious enough considering the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is proposing that customers stay away from the “dangerous” clothing for now.

Lululemon felt it was necessary to recall the 300,000 tops rather than risk any further injury to loyal customers. Who would have thought clothing needed to come with a caution label?