Considering the snow and brutal cold we’ve been forced to deal with recently, it is certainly hard to believe that Spring Break is just around the corner. However, being a second semester senior, I must admit it has definitely been on my mind. To better prepare yourself for Spring Break, feast your eyes on some of these hilarious embarrassing stories from fellow students, and let’s hope none of these horrific fails happen to you!

Poop Deck

One Elon spring breaker, who wishes to remain anonymous, experienced a true nightmare when she caught a case of salmonella on a cruise ship with her family. Unable to resist the early morning breakfast buffets, this Phoenix munched on an unfortunate batch of eggs. After getting sick, the only part of the cruise ship she saw was the inside of her bathroom.

Don’t Look, Grandpa!

Another fellow spring breaker, who for the sake of his girlfriend also wishes to remain anonymous (what a gentleman!), tells a tale of terror from a recent spring break trip. After gaining the courage to invite his girlfriend on a family vacation to meet the entire extended family for the first time, this Elon student suffered secondhand embarrassment during a family bodysurfing adventure. As his girlfriend was riding to shore, he quickly noticed her bikini top had come undone. Unfortunately, his grandfather seemed to notice before he did.

Animal Behavior

This Spring Break gone wrong story belongs to one of my closest friends: Maya Ginga, an Elon senior. One year on spring break, we went to the Caribbean with a large group of friends, one of whom was my friend’s biggest crush. There was a place near our resort where we could swim with dolphins. Maya’s crush instantly expressed interest, which led her to explain that she had swum with dolphins multiple times before, hoping to get a personal invite from the crush. Eventually, the two had a romantic day at the dolphin cove, but Maya was stuck with a stubborn dolphin. As soon as it was Maya’s turn to ride on the dolphin’s back, her dolphin would just stay beneath the water, making it impossible for her to ever get a successful ride, while her crush had a blast on the back of his dolphin. 

Set Fire to the Bar

On a Spring Break trip in Aruba, an anonymous student and her friends decided to go crazy their last night — the group decided to order a round of flaming shots. As the tragic spring breaker was taking her shot, something went wrong and the entire wooden bar lit on fire. The group ran out laughing at full speed, never knowing the fate of the bar. 


On a spring break trip with her family, Senior Amelia Garland had one too many drinks one night at the hotel bar. The next day, not feeling too great, she passed out for hours on the beach with her parents. Forgetting to put on enough sunscreen, Amelia completely fried. Her family called her a lobster for the remainder of the trip.

Not So Stealth

On a past spring break, Senior Sarah Zampolin decided it would be funny to borrow a bike she found near the beach. As she was riding away laughing, she noticed she had company — the resort’s security started sprinting after her, because it turned out Sarah had stolen the medic’s bike. Sarah was able to hop off the bike and hide from the foreign guards chasing and yelling at her. Eventually, she began army crawling past all of her friends who happened to be hanging out on the balcony, with a perfect view of Sarah. To this day she has not lived this down, reminded that the laughs over stealing the bike were definitely not worth her humiliation!

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