The newest generation of gaming consoles has brought in record sales for Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.  Now that all the pre-release hype has died down, how do the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Wii U stack up?

The Wii U has already begun to rack up a substantial list of exclusive games.  “Super Mario 3D World” has received much praise, garnering multiple 10/10 reviews, while remakes such as “The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD” have brought back some of that old Nintendo charm.  While not the most powerful machine on this list, the Wii U certainly shines with regard to its new gamepad controller.  This tablet-controller hybrid opens up new screen space and allows the user to play games even when the TV is turned off.  While it hasn't met projected sales figures, a price of $299 means the Wii U certainly has a lock on the family-friendly gaming market.

While Nintendo seems fine with losing the hardcore gamers, Sony and Microsoft are still fighting for the title of top gaming machine.  Both Xbox One and PS4 boast eight gigabytes of RAM and nearly identical eight-core processors.  The PS4 edges out the Xbox for fastest graphics card, which results in slightly crisper renders. Neither system will be backwards compatible with past consoles, but will support a subscription streaming service in the future.

The Xbox One, with its higher $599 price tag is looking to become your all-in-one home entertainment platform.  With multiple streaming services and the promise of smart glass technology to come, Microsoft is clearly trying to change how consumers interact with their consoles.  The new Xbox Kinect is more responsive and has been truly integrated into the system, with the camera identifying and signing in users as they sit down on the couch.  The PS Move doesn’t come with the PS4, resulting in a lower cost of $499.

Ultimately many buyers will choose based on console exclusives, with “Titanfall” and the “Halo” franchise drawing gamers to the Xbox One, and “Killzone 4” and “Infamous: Second Son” calling consumers to the PS4.  No matter which you choose, the future of gaming certainly seems bright with the newest generation of consoles.

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