Lakeside Dining Hall and the Winter Garden Cafe received a sanitation rating of 90 on their Sept. 25 inspection. Ratings can go as high as 110 in the state of North Carolina.

Critical violations, or demerits of more than 1 point, for Lakeside and Winter Garden Cafe include storing raw meats too close to ready-to-eat foods, maintaining improper hot and cold holding temperatures and failing to mark or discard expired foods. The dining hall also received minor demerits for violations of personal cleanliness, contamination prevented during food preparation, storage and display, wiping cloths properly used and stored and utensils properly stored, dried and handled.

A full release of the North Carolina Public Health Inspectors’ statement on Lakeside Dining Hall and Winter Garden Cafe can be found here.

One violation in the report says there was standing waste water in the dish room, and although it was reported early in the morning, the problem was not addressed until six hours later. The report states: "Floor drain backup with standing water on facility floor is grounds for immediate permit suspension. Do not continue operations of facility in future without immediately addressing waste water backups."

This report came just eight days after Colonnades' 82 sanitation rating. Elon Dining Services released a statement following the Colonnades' rating, which said, "Our Dining Services team has implemented a corrective action plan to improve operations, enabling us to be even more proactive in our practices." The Campus Dining site does not have a statement regarding Lakeside Dining Hall at this time.

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