With autumn in full swing, the joys of the season, which include warm pumpkin pie, Halloween Costumes and a delicious Thanksgiving feast, are fast approaching. Despite our fall season favorites, there is one unfortunate element that catches all of us off guard: dry skin. The change of temperature and chilled air can cause dry, chapped and uncomfortable skin. If it is not taken care of, this can spiral out of control in the following winter months.


Luckily, there are tips and tricks to help combat dry skin this fall!

1.     Intensify your skin care routine

When the weather gets cooler, it is important to alter your skincare routine. Consistency is key and will help keep your skin smooth and hydrated all season long. Look for moisturizers that include fatty acids, hyaluronic acid and glycerin.

Use it daily:

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2.     Pamper Yourself

Fall and winter is the time to splurge on your skin because it is the season your skin needs the most attention. Integrate different hydrating facemasks or body oils a couple times a week into your skincare routine to rejuvenate your dry skin. By adding these products into your routine, you will notice smoother, softer skin.

Indulge a Little:

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3.     Your Hands and Lips Need a Little Love Too!

Often times, people are so focused on protecting their face during the cold months, they forget to nourish the rest of their body. Your lips and hands are often the most exposed to drastic temperature changes so it is important that they are cared for too! Keep moisturizing lip balm and hand cream in your bag to use when you walk between classes.

Try this:

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4.     Rethink the Hand Sanitizer

Even though it is important to protect yourself from germs during the colder months, hand sanitizers often leave the skin feeling dry due to their alcohol content. Aim to find a sanitizer formulated with aloe vera instead of alcohol.

Try This, Not That:

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5.     Avoid Hot Showers

Taking hot showers has drying effects on the skin.  It is recommended that showers over 98.6 ° do not last longer than five minutes. After the shower is over, pat yourself dry - do not rub - and moisturize immediately to allow the lotions and creams to soak in.