Colonnades Dining Hall was given a sanitation rating of 82, a low B, by the North Carolina Public Health Inspectors. According to a statement released by Campus Dining, this is "the first time [Campus Dining] have not received an excellent score."

The demerits listed in the inspection violations include hands not properly cleaned and washed, as well as improper hot and cold holding temperatures. A heavy mold buildup was found in the ice machines in the upstairs dining complex. Proper cooking times and temperatures and cooling times and temperatures also received demerits.

Dining Services' statement on the CampusDish website says they are taking matters seriously and have addressed and corrected the issues at hand.

"Our Dining Services team has implemented a corrective action plan to improve operations, enabling us to be even more proactive in our practices," the statement said.

A full release of the North Carolina Public Health Inspectors' statement on Colonnades Dining Hall can be found here.