Spring is that time of year for new beginnings and revitalization, and if you’re like me, nothing needs more revitalization than your fitness routine. Fortunately, staying in shape is now easier than ever thanks to the plethora of fitness apps that are readily available at your fingertips, complete with on-the-go access. So go ahead, give your fitness and health-related goals a 21st-century makeover and get started right away on the new and improved you!

For your convenience, I’ve reviewed some of the hottest fitness apps and sites on the market to help you get on track and stay there when it comes to your fitness aspirations. These apps track exercise habits, count calories, manage weight, educate you about health and help you work toward becoming a healthier, happier you! With spring break just around the corner, these apps are a must for every busy college student.

Exercise Trackers

Gorilla Workout


No sign-up required

Gorilla Workout is an app for getting in shape “on a tight budget,” according to its website. You can start at one of four levels, depending on how many push-ups you can do, and the exercises get gradually more difficult every day. The app gives descriptions and video demonstrations of each exercise as well, to ensure that you’re doing the exercise right. Level 1’s exercises generally don’t take more than 10 minutes to complete, so if you’re creating a fitness plan for the first time, this is a great way to get started.

Rating: 7/10 (It isn’t available online, only in app form.) gorillaworkoutapp.com




Sign-up required

Fitocracy turns fitness into a game and tracks all kinds of exercise with extreme accuracy. The layout is encouraging (you can get points and “props” every time you work out), and you can do fun activities like Quests to challenge yourself. There is also a social networking component to this app, where you can connect with others and comment on their workouts as well as join specific interest groups. If you want to get in shape, this app is really worthwhile.

Rating: 9/10 fitocracy.com


Nike + Running


Sign-up optional

This app is great for runners because it tracks your distance even on wooded trails; something other running apps are generally not accurate with. If you connect it with your Facebook account, when you start a run and make it public, every “Like” you receive on social media is translated into a real life cheer during your run. The app also tracks your personal bests, which is great for competitive runners who want to reach a certain goal or are looking for a time or distance to beat.

Rating: 7/10 (Basically of no value to you if you’re not a runner, but if you’re a runner, you need this app.) NikePlus.com


Calorie Counters



Sign-up required

MyFitnessPal tracks it all: everything you eat, every exercise you do, even how much water you drink, which is incredibly helpful if you’re trying to lose, gain or maintain your weight. While the exercise tracker leaves something to be desired in terms of accuracy, the app has a more extensive food catalog than its competitors. This works as a food journal, except there’s no need for a pen and paper. As long as you have the patience to input everything you’ve eaten during the day, it’s a really helpful app.

Rating: 7/10 myfitnesspal.com


Lose It!


Sign-up required

This app is essentially the same as MyFitnessPal, except with a less extensive exercise tracker. The food catalog, however, includes restaurant food and popular grocery store brands, so finding what you just ate is relatively easy, ensuring accuracy.

Rating: 4/10 loseit.com


Digital Doctors



Sign-up required

HealthTap is similar to WebMd, with the exception that you are able to ask real doctors your health questions. There is also a New Year’s Resolutions feature, which includes sections such as, “drink in moderation,” “eat healthier” and “exercise more,” and you can receive advice from real doctors on how to keep those healthy habits alive. It’s not super useful, but it is an interesting app to have in your repertoire if you’re concerned with health.

Rating: 6/10 HealthTap.com




Sign-up online only

The purpose of ZocDoc is to help you find a local doctor and make an appointment. While I can see this benefitting someone who is graduating in the next few months and is moving to a new city, the app is relatively useless to anyone living in the Elon area or in a rural area because few doctors are registered on the site. In order to sign up, you must sign up online (not on the app).

Rating: 4/10 zocdoc.com

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