BUENOS AIRES — There have been multiple protests in Argentina in opposition to the current president of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

Kirchner gave a televised speech for the Dia de la Industria, the Day of the Industry, on September 2. During this speech, she talked about how the economy of Argentina was doing fine and told Argentinians that they had nothing to worry about. Argentinians say this is not true, as shown through the exchange rate of the Argentine pesos to the US dollar — 4.5 to 1.

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In response to her speech and while the speech was still being publicized, there were a few neighborhoods where people came out on their balconies and banged pots and pans together as a sign of their disagreement and displeasure with what she was saying.

“My entire neighborhood was going nuts, banging pots and pans from their balconies, honking car horns,” said Audrey Atencio, a junior from Georgetown University studying abroad in Buenos Aires.

This form of protest, called cacerolazos, has been reoccurring since Kirchner’s speech.

“I thought Argentina had won a soccer game or something, but it turns out that this is a way some Argentinians protest Kirchner,” said Atencio.


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