After traveling on all-expense-paid trips to Tiger World, an aquarium sleepover by Kure Beach, and Charleston, the Honors Pavilion residents can safely say that they have greatly enjoyed the perks of living in a Learning Community. Each year, the Honors Department allows the residents to use a certain amount of funds for a trip with educational purposes. The community then votes on a location, prepares an itinerary full of exciting activities and presents it to the honors directors for approval. This year, we made the five-hour journey to Charleston, South Carolina for the April 13-15th weekend.

We were joined by our Faculty in Residence Advisor, Samuele Pardini, who is the Professor of Italian Studies at Elon University and the new director of the American Studies program, his wife Tara, and his four-year-old son, Dante.

We went on a haunted ghost tour to the Old City Jail, which housed some of Charleston’s infamous criminals, 19th century pirates, and Civil War prisoners. We learned about the history of the area and heard a few frightening tales, particularly one of the ghost Cedric.

The Old City Jail (mentioned above).





My favorite part of the trip was going on the carriage ride, which we were able to go on because of our winnings from Powerless energy saving competition in the fall (carriage ride= sustainable). We had an incredible tour guide tell us interesting facts about the history of Charleston as we rode around the city, ogling all the gorgeous houses.




We spent some time at the market, where local artists would sell their exquisite hand-crafted work.








This area is known as the Rainbow Row. The Station at Mill Point apartments on our campus are actually modeled after these colorful, historic houses, which is why they will be pastel colors.






All photos by Gloria So, staff photographer.