The Elon Network shows students they can get career insight not only from the professionals, but from fellow students as well.

This year’s annual Elon Network gave students the opportunity to meet with both students and professionals with experience in their interested fields.

Brian Serow, a senior marketing and entrepreneurship major and student director of the Elon Network, wants students to be able to have job opportunities from alumni after they graduate.

“There’s a whole level of connection that we don’t have,” Serow said. “This keeps them connected to Elon.”

The event was held March 28 in Alumni Gym with a total of 50 student presenters and 20 professionals that represented the teaching, public administration, business and communications fields, to name a few.

Rachel Wilson, a junior biochemistry major from Durham, presented on her internship with the Duke Research Center.

“We’re here to network with the students to give them someone to contact,” Wilson said.

Michael Solomon, a senior accounting major from Buffalo, NY, shared his experience interning with TrueBridge Capital Partners.

“We’re trying to help future accounting majors,” Solomon said. “I’m giving them the information I wish I had.”

Tables were placed around the gym with students wearing color-coded T-shirts representing each specific academic field, helping students identify who they should talk to for advice and information. Along with the students were a few professionals placed at each table.

Bill Cook, director of federal programs of Union County Public Schools who presented with other teachers and education majors, said he felt it was a good opportunity for students to become equipped with information about the teaching profession.

“This is for students who have an interest in the education field, who have questions about the job, interviews and more,” Cook said. “We service as a resource for education.

Taylor Shain, a senior cinema major from Greensboro, was glad to have the opportunity to meet other students in the field and network with them.

“Even if after 30 minutes I only get one connection, that is still really good for me,” Shain said.