Who wouldn’t want to make their own skirt or chalk their hair without having to go somewhere to buy it or get it done? “Do it yourself” has become the new and cheaper option to update your look.

There are many different ways you can incorporate DIY projects into your own wardrobe. Some examples of this would be hair chalking, making your own skirts, hairpins, headbands or necklaces, among many others.

DIY fashion has made it onto websites like Pinterest and people are learning how to make their own jewelry and even clothes.

One new interesting DIY trend is coloring your hair ends using chalk. It is an easier, cheaper and less permanent way of dying a strand of hair. And the greatest part about it? You can do it from your home!

The following steps from Seventeen Magazine explain how you can do it yourself:

Spray a 1-inch section of hair with water and wet it as far up as you want the color to be.

Choose a colored pastel and begin painting your hair with it. It’s better chalk your hair from a lighter color to a darker color because the chalk will get all over your hands and it won’t transfer.

Allow your hair to dry.

Using either a curling iron or a flat iron, go over each colored strand. By doing this, you are setting the color in your hair so it lasts longer.

Finally, style and brush your hair as you normally would.

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