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[threecol_two]Elon University's Student Government Association will hold elections for all positions beginning at 9 a.m. Feb. 21 and concluding at 5 p.m. Feb. 22. Students are encouraged to vote at According to SGA representatives, students run and vote based on the year they matriculate. That is to say, students vote and run for office depending on when they first arrived at Elon. Rising seniors would include any student who entered Elon from summer 2009 through spring 2010. Rising juniors would include those who entered Elon during summer 2010 through spring 2011, and so on.

Results will be announced at 6 p.m. Feb. 22. Because candidates for executive positions are required to receive 50 percent of the vote plus one, a run-off election will be held, if necessary, Feb. 23 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. with the results announced at 6 p.m.

SGA hosted candidate speeches and a debate Thursday night at 7:30 p.m. in Studio B. For live coverage of the event, check out @pendulumlive and #elonSGAelex. Keep checking back here for new updates, photos and videos of the election.

Update, Feb. 22, 2012: Sophomore Ryan Budden withdrew his candidacy for SGA executive president. The three remaining candidates include Darien Flowers, Ben Waldon and Alicia Johnson.

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Click on each candidates name for information about their candidacy and platform and to watch their speech.

Executive President [highslide](Ryan Budden;Ryan Budden;600;400)

Withdrew from race Feb. 22, 2012

Class of 2014 Major: Psychology and entrepreneurship Hometown: Melbourne, Australia Extracurriculars: Vice President of Wrestling Club; Vice President of Lambda Chi Alpha; Car Club

Platform: My first goal for next year is to use my power as president to appoint a wide variety of people to SGA which will in turn facilitate the flow of ideas from the student body to SGA, which is a forum where we can make that change happen. Also I would like to focus on meal plans, the biobus and parking on campus.

What would you change about SGA?

I feel that I would like to bring a new aspect to SGA as far as bringing in a new wave of people which would incorporate a variety of mindsets as I feel this is lacking at the moment.

[/highslide] [highslide](Alicia Johnson;Alicia Johnson;600;400)

Class of 2013 Major: Strategic Communications and Political Science Hometown: Baltimore, Md. Extracurriculars: Greek Life; Multicultural Leadership Roundtable; Boys and Girls Club

Platform: I will create a constant two-way feedback system for the senate & all of its constituents. This will give everyone the platform to voice their questions, comments, and concerns about their community! This initiative will take form both virtually online and in meetings.I want to enhance the relationship between our career services & young alumnae network, to ensure that graduating seniors have a smooth transition into the next phase of their lives.Finally, I would like to initiate school-wide fun programs, chosen by the students to give us the time & place to enjoy being students!

What would you change about SGA?

If elected, I will make SGA not only work for the students, but with the students. The senate will become an active member in the Elon community through program participation, legislation creation, and the genuine relationship with its constituents. SGA will be a true advocate and voice for the student body, and its transparent nature will keep everyone up-to-date on current issues and events affecting our student body.

[/highslide] [highslide](Ben Waldon;Ben Waldon;600;400)

Class of 2013 Major: Political Science (with a minor in Communications) Hometown: Atlanta, Ga. Extracurriculars: Scuba Diving; Sorority Chair for Pi Kappa Phi; Elon 101 TA

Platform: I plan to increase the transparency of SGA and will utilize Phoenix 14 and the Pendulum to inform students about current issues. I will institute an open door policy for students to walk into the SGA office to discuss their concerns. I have a record of service and this year have served as both an Elon 101 TA and a member of the Student/Faculty Academic committee. I have served as a SGA Senator and am involved with my fraternity.  I graduated from the National Outdoor Leadership School and served as Deputy Finance Director for an incumbent U.S. Congressman from Georgia.

What would you change about SGA?

I would improve the connection between SGA and the 150+ student organizations on campus by hosting bi-monthly forums where students can raise their issues, concerns and ideas, and have direct access to the people who represent them.

[/highslide] [highslide](Darien Flowers;Darien Flowers;600;400)

Class of 2013 Major: Political Science Hometown: Columbus, Ohio Extracurriculars: Model United Nations, NC Student Legislature, Pi Kappa Phi, Student Alumni Council, Executive Intern Program

Platform: My campaign is founded by three dominant principles of experience, transparency and relevancy. I plan to be the biggest advocate for Elon students on campus. I want to promote the interests of students to the senior staff and make that every idea big or small is heard and receives thoughtful consideration. Please allow me to put my experience to work for you to create and lead initiatives that are relevant to today’s Elon student. Pick Flowers and I promise that everything I do as your Executive President will be done in an open and inclusive manner.

What would you change about SGA?

I would like to further open SGA’s door to the general student body by increasing transparency. No organization can be effective if is shrouded in mystery and is not easily understood. The single greatest challenge to the ability of SGA to communicate effectively is the inefficiency of our website. That is why I would begin the conversation between SGA and members of the University Communications staff on how we can revamp our website to make it more student friendly and act as a resource for how SGA conducts the student’s business.



Executive Vice President [highslide](Liz Burns;Liz Burns;600;400)

Class of 2013 Major: Statistics (with a minor in Neuroscience) Hometown: Jamison, Pa. Extracurriculars:  Lincoln Pre-Health Society; Delta Delta Delta

Platform: I have three years of experience on SGA, and I believe that experience is essential in order to excel at the role of Executive Vice President. In my roles as Freshman Class Senator, Sophomore Class Treasurer, and Junior Class Senator, I have had time to observe the requirements of the position, and also where there is room for improvement. If elected Vice President, I would make it a priority to strengthen ties between SGA and the student body, and would like to initiate a program offering incentives for students who write passing legislation.

What would you change about SGA?

It is no secret that the biggest problem with SGA is the lack of transparency between the senate and the student body. In my time on the senate, I have had a chance to see what works and what doesn’t. One of the most successful strategies was the SGA video updates, which I would like to reinstate.

[/highslide] [highslide](Connor ODonnell;Connor ODonnell;600;400)

Class of 2014 Major: Political Science and Strategic Communications Hometown: Winstom Salem, N.C. Extracurriculars: Leadership Fellows, University Admissions, Greek Life, New Student Orientation, EV!

Platform: I have three platforms that I want to accomplish if elected as Executive Vice President. The first platform is unifying the relationship between student body with student government by increasing transparency of the inner-workings of SGA. The next platform is drafting and enacting increased legislation that is relevant to the student body as a whole. Finally, I want to push for increased student participation in Student Government happenings through more civic engagement.

What would you change about SGA?

If I could change one aspect of student government, I would make it easier for Elon students to be able to voice their opinions on legislation that they want to see enacted. I think that students should have a greater say in the changes that they want to see in their university.

[/highslide] [highslide](Todd Merriman;Todd Merriman;600;400)

Class of 2013 Major: Communications (minors in business administration and international studies) Hometown: Needham, Mass. Extracurriculars: Media Relations for Athletics; club ice hockey; member of Pi Sigma Epsilon (for marketing and professional sales)

Platform: If elected Executive Vice President I will make sure SGA continues to uphold the outstanding reputation that makes Elon “run like butter”. Elon University has many national rankings and recognitions and with your help I would like to make it an even better place to live and learn. SGA also has many resources for students and organizations on campus. If elected VP I want to make these resources more known and available to students so that students can become more involved with SGA.

What would you change about SGA?

One thing that I would try to change is the parking at Elon. Students like myself who live in places such as Oak Hill are denied parking passes. While I can't promise everyone parking passes, I want to implement a plan for students with out passes to be able to park in places like Moseley or Colonnades for a short period of time so they are able to grab a quick bite to eat on a busy day with out having to take the bio bus there and back or having to risk a $100 ticket.



Executive Treasurer [highslide](Welsford Bisphoric;Welsford Bisphoric;600;400)

Class of 2013 Major: Not provided Hometown:  Eden, N.C. Extracurriculars:  The Elon Network; Love School of Business Case Competition Team; SEED; Beta Alpha Psi and Financial Management Association

Platform:  As Executive Treasurer, I will aim to increase the quality of service to student organizations by streamlining the budget hearing process, heightening the accountability of the Organizational Council and increasing the online presence of the Treasury to ease the flow of funds from SGA to our Student Organizations.

What would you change about SGA?

I will endeavor to address two key issues within SGA. First, I will build upon the work of the current Exec Council to enhance SGA’s transparency so that the student body can be fully aware of the services we offer them. Additionally, I hope to build a stronger relationship between the Treasury, the Organizational Council and Elon’s Student Organizations. I feel that this is the best way to ensure that SGA’s funds are appropriated correctly.


Executive Secretary [highslide](Leah Burns;Leah Burns;600;400)

Class of 2013 Major: Political Science and Public Administration Hometown: Lafayette, La. Extracurriculars:  Pi Sigma Alpha, Zeta Tau Alpha

Platform: As Executive Secretary, I will promptly update the minutes from SGA meetings and be in constant contact with the student body and student media about important legislative issues. I plan on incorporating new events during Homecoming that involve more of the student body and ensure that this upcoming Homecoming will be the best yet.

What would you change about SGA?

SGA needs to be more transparent. I will work with the other members of the executive council to increase student involvement. 



[/highslide][/tab] [tab title="Class of 2013"]

Click on each candidates name for information about their candidacy and platform and to watch their speech.

Senior Class President [highslide](Neima Abdulahi;Neima Abdulahi;600;400)

Class of 2013 Major: Media Arts & Entertainment and Broadcast Journalism Hometown: Decatur, Ga. Extracurriculars:  Limelight Records; Phoenix14 News

Platform: Anything between today and the day we graduate should be filled with lasting memories, career-based events and activities that will prepare us for the next phase in our desired career paths. You deserve a candidate that will ensure a phenomenal senior year and a candidate with the experience to back it up. We’ve come a long way since we first came on this campus back in fall of 2009 and it would be an honor to represent you on our last year of college together.

What would you change about SGA?

Create more transparency between SGA and our constituents. The student body should be made aware of what goes on in the meetings without having to come to the senate meetings.

[/highslide] [highslide](Molly Shoop;Molly Shoop;600;400)

Class of 2013 Major: Human Services (with a minor in Anthropology) Hometown: Fairfax, Va. Extracurriculars: Greek Life; ElonThon

Platform:  I am running for Senior Class President because I want to make our last year at Elon the best one it can be. I want to put time and attention into the Student Professional Development Center, in order to ensure that all seniors feel secure and comfortable as graduation approaches. It is my priority to provide the senior class as many resources I can before graduation, while enjoying our last year at Elon to the fullest.

What would you change about SGA?

 If I could change one thing about SGA, I would want to increase transparency between SGA and the Student Body. All too often, students do not know what their government does, and I would make it a priority to change this so that all students are more aware of the activities of SGA.


Senior Class Vice President [highslide](Sam Kahane;Sam Kahane;600;400)

Class of 2013 Major: Marketing (minor in Psychology) Hometown: Needham, Mass. Extracurriculars: Lambda Chi Alpha Recruitment Chair; Isabella Cannon Leadership Program; Group Exercise Instructor for Campus Recreation; Elon Hillel

Platform:  I look forward to working with all of you to make our Senior year the best year of our lives.

What would you change about SGA?

If I could change one thing about SGA it would be making student government more available for students to contact and utilize. I would like to set up a chalkboard in Moseley where students can write down what changes they want to see. By establishing this system, the voices of all Elon students can be represented and acted upon.


Senior Class Treasurer [highslide](Kevin Beach;Kevin Beach;600;400)

Class of 2013 Major: Business and Environmental Studies Hometown: Davidson, N.C. Extracurriculars: Alpha Kappa Psi (business fraternity); Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity; Campus Rec Elon Outdoors; Isabella Cannon Leadership Program,

Platform:  As Treasurer, I am looking forward to collaborating with others to make the budget for the upcoming year. Let’s make Senior year the best year of our lives as we leave our mark on campus.

What would you change about SGA?

SGA does a lot of good things on campus but the general student body and faculty aren’t very aware of SGA’s activities. We have a budget of almost three-quarters of a million dollars and yet the average student doesn’t know of the opportunities SGA offers. I would propose more open forums for students, faculty and the SGA to share ideas and thoughts about what they want done and how to financially support their aspirations.


Senior Class Secretary

Senior Senator

[/tab] [tab title="Class of 2014"]

Click on each candidates name for information about their candidacy and platform and to watch their speech.

Junior Class President [highslide](Sean Patterson;Sean Patterson;600;400)

Information not submitted.


Junior Class Vice President [highslide](Ally Briggs;Ally Briggs;600;400)

Information not submitted.


Junior Class Treasurer [highslide](Patrick Brown;Patrick Brown;600;400)

Class of 2014 Major: Economics and Political Science Hometown: Midlothian, Va. Extracurriculars: Honor Board; Business Fellows (class officer)

Platform:   I have been honored to serve the sophomore class as a Senator this year and I hope to continue by serving as class Treasurer.  I will represent the Class of 2014 as best I can and be a voice for ideas which members of our class have developed.  I will serve as a good representative of my class and make decisions which I believe will improve our Elon experience.  Specifically as treasurer, I will work to improve the budget process and to facilitate making the process easier for all organizations.

What would you change about SGA?

I would try to make proposed legislation more accessible to the student body – perhaps by posting proposed legislation on the SGA website.  As a member of the Finance committee, I would like to make the budget process as streamlined and as simple as possible for students applying for funds.


Junior Class Senator [highslide](Greg Zitelli;Greg Zitelli;600;400)

Class of 2014 Major: Political Science and International Studies Hometown: Madison, N.J. Extracurriculars:  Catholic Campus Ministry; Model United Nations; Leadership Fellows; Tour Guide

Platform: My No. 1 goal is to make the student body more connected to its Student Government using social media and a revamped website. Additionally, I'm working to improve pedestrian safety to prevent more accidents like we saw last year. Finally, I want to change the conversation about diversity from a divisive issue into an opportunity to promote a stronger Elon community by celebrating our differences and encouraging students to interact with those differnt from themselves.

What would you change about SGA?

I want to encourage collaborating between different committees within Student Government. There are so many great leaders and potential within SGA but we all need to work together to accomplish the ambitious goals we've laid out. Our government needs to be less about individal achievements and more about join cooperation on projects.


[/highslide] [highslide](Lauren Reiman;Lauren Reiman;600;400)

Class of 2014 Major: Environmental Studies and Public Administration Hometown: Olathe, Ks. Extracurriculars:  Alpha Xi Delta; Residence Life

Platform: As Junior Class Senator, I would work to the best of my ability towards the betterment of the class and the Elon community as a whole.  I would also make myself open and available to all constituents in hopes of taking their ideas and making them into reality.

What would you change about SGA?

If I could change one thing about SGA, I would like to increase the level of involvement and collaboration with the study body on pieces of legislation.


[/tab] [tab title="Class of 2015"]

Click on each candidates name for information about their candidacy and platform and to watch their speech.

Sophomore Class President [highslide](Joe Incorvia;Joe Incorvia;600;400)

Class of 2015 Major:  Biochemistry, Pre-Med (with minors in Neuroscience and Psychology) Hometown: Harwinton, Conn. Extracurriculars:  Student Issues Committee; Diversity Ad-Hoc Committee; Intramural and Club Soccer; Lincoln Pre-Health; Guitar

Platform: As your president, I plan to continue to be an avenue of support and information between what is happening around campus and all of you. Elon is about the students, and in the next few years we will undergo changes that will better our university for years to come. I plan on working hand in hand with each and every one of you to pioneer the best Elon that we can create and take your concerns to administration with confidence to accomplish our various goals and wishes.

What would you change about SGA?

SGA needs to be more accessible and active in the lives of the student at Elon. The transparency between what goes on with us and how you receive that information needs to be discussed and modified.


[/highslide] [highslide](Kristopher Jiles;Kristopher Jiles;600;400)

Class of 2015 Major:  Political Science Hometown: Riverdale, Md. Extracurriculars: Black Cultural Society; Model UN; Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellows; Isabella Cannon Leadership Program

Platform: My goals as Sophomore Class President are to expand the roles of the class and create an environment where students have a voice on this campus. I want students of the sophomore class to become more unified given our diverse ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds. Students should be able to have a Senate that is dedicated solely for them; the liaison who addresses their own unique issue and make sure that they are heard. That is what I want to achieve as President; allowing the Class of 2015 to make their mark on this campus that will resonate past graduation.

What would you change about SGA?

One thing that I would change about SGA is the transparency of the organization on campus. Students should be aware of the things that we are doing everyday to ensure the best Elon for them. There should be a more direct relationship between student leaders and the students we serve.

[/highslide] [highslide](Vaughn Vreeland;Vaughn Vreeland;600;400)

Class of 2015 Major: Political Science and Acting (with a minor in French) Hometown: Raleigh, N.C. Extracurriculars: Tennis; acting; dog enthusiast

Platform: If elected, I promise to not only uphold the standards and values set by precedent, but I will exceed them and strive toward a better Elon. I plan to be the most passionate and relatable class president you all have ever had the joy of knowing. I promise to be a voice for the peoplesomeone that anyone can talk to. I am not only your representative, but I am your friend as well.

What would you change about SGA?

If I could change one thing about SGA, it would be the ease in formation of new legislation. Change cannot be possible without ideas, good or bad. We learn from the bad and we strive to go beyond the good.


Sophomore Class Vice President [highslide](Sarah Paille-Jansa;Sarah Paille-Jansa;600;400)

Information not submitted.


Sophomore Class Treasurer [highslide](Ciera Martinez;Ciera Martinez;600;400)

Information not submitted.

[/highslide] [highslide](Joe Duncan;Joe Duncan;600;400)

Class of 2015 Major: Finance Hometown: Vero Beach, Fla. Extracurriculars: Club Golf Team; Student Issues Committee; Constitution and Bylaws Committee

Platform: As one of your Freshman Class Senators, I gained a wealth of knowledge about Elon. I know the ins and outs of SGA, have the ability to contact Senior Staff members, and became acclimated with the process of getting things done. Using my experience as a Senator I plan to do everything in mine and SGA's power to develop meal plans that work for the students. I have voiced my frustration along with my fellow constituents with the current meal plans, but I feel that if we work hard in the 2012-2013 school year we can make a change, that works for both parties, for the 2013-2-14 year. Trust my experience and leadership so we can ensure our Sophomore year will be a great one.

What would you change about SGA?

Anything to make SGA more transparent, and hopefully have more students understand what we are all about. We are the voice of the students, and students need to understand that.

[/highslide] [highslide](Elizabeth Ruh;Elizabeth Ruh;600;400)

Class of 2015 Major: Accounting and International Studies Hometown: Buffalo, N.Y. Extracurriculars: Honors Fellow

Platform: Our upcoming sophomore year has the potential to be great. Let me help us get there. If voted Treasurer of our class, I will make sure our affairs are in order. I am a hard-working and driven individual and will ensure that our class has a voice in SGA.


Sophomore Class Secretary [highslide](Lindsey Freeman;Lindsey Freeman;600;400)

Information not submitted.


Sophomore Class Senator [highslide](Jennifer Lauterbach;Jennifer Lauterbach;600;400)

Class of 2015 Major: International Business Hometown: Chadds Ford, Pa. Extracurriculars: Greek Life

Platform: I want students to truly know how hard SGA works and what our organization does. For my specific class, this can be done by more class functions and frequent updates other than just the Pendulum. I think simple adjustments such as more flexible airport shuttle times would really make travel more convenient for Elon students. Our senate is very skilled and dedicated to making Elon the best it can be, and I know we can only improve.

What would you change about SGA?

What makes up Elon is its students. If our student body does not know what SGA is working on, they can not offer their opinions or even get involved. I would want every student to know just how hard the SGA senate works to better the school, and this can be done with a better PR program.


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