Brad Moore, former associate director of planning, design and construction management, was named director of the department after Neil Bromilow retired earlier this year. Moore discusses his new position and job responsibilities, role in recent campus construction and the reason he has chosen to stay at Elon since being hired as assistant director of construction management in 2005.

Q: What are your new responsibilities as director of planning, design and construction management? 

A: I take a project, whether it’s new construction or a major renovation, from programming to design to construction to occupancy. I work with a designer or contractor to make sure the campus gets the building that it needs on schedule at a quality standard, and by keeping the project in budget through its design and construction.

Q: What is the difference in your former job as associate director and your current position? 

A: Not a whole lot. Neil (Bromilow) dealt directly with some of the campus community. I had a little more responsibility as he prepared for his retirement. I was taking on a lot of the projects and already working on the Station (at Mill Point), Global Dining, the Global Neighborhood, residence projects and Numen Lumen — any projects going to extend beyond his retirement.

Q: What does a day in the life of the director of planning, design and construction management look like? 

A: It’s different from day-to-day. At any given point in time I’m working directly with the design team on new projects. I put on boots and walk out to a construction site and look at the construction to see how it’s coming along. I answer questions from the contractor and work with people on campus — students, faculty and staff. I review plans for our projects and troubleshoot for construction that's complete. No day is ever boring or the same.

Q: What role did you have in the planning of the current construction? 

A: I worked directly with the senior staff and the rest of the campus community on the design of the Station at Mill Point, Global Neighborhood and Numen Lumen Center. On all these projects, I worked to select the outside appearance with a design team. I hired the outside general contractors and now continue to follow those projects through construction.

Q: How do LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) qualifications fit in to your work at Elon? 

A: The university has a goal that every new construction project or major renovation design need to meet at least LEED silver certification requirements. (My LEED knowledge) is beneficial to that process to know about the LEED process and really look at the major categories of sites, water, energy, material and indoor overall quality to make sure we have points on all of those qualities.

Q: What has been your favorite part about working at Elon? 

A: Elon has a great campus community and is fun to work with and help them achieve their dreams on a project and make their dreams become a reality. The amount of work that we have going on keeps us extremely busy, keeps the job interesting and keeps us pretty motivated and going. It keeps us sharp and creative.

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