#Elonproblems: A phrase that every student is fast becoming familiar with.

If you're an Elon student on Twitter, you may have noticed a recent increase in parody accounts focusing on #elonproblems.

Spurring from the popular first world problems meme (and its many, many variations), Elon now has its very own Twitter accounts focusing on the problems on campus. You have @ElonGirlProblem, @ElonGuyProblem and @ElonGDIProblems.

With students tweeting on everything from Taco Salad Friday to keg parties, squirrel sightings to Festivus, Elon's Twitter feeds have become a melting pot for both the motivating and the mundane. Even campus buildings such as Koury Business Center and the McMichael Science Building have their own Twitter handles, focused on the particular problems one would encounter from spending time there.

Some cater to the uniqueness of Elon with @OnlyAtElon and @xoGossipSquirl, whose tweets capture the funny moments that come with daily events and locations, such as Winter Term classes, Haggard Avenue traffic or Colonnades' brunch.

While some students may find these Twitter accounts excessive or silly in nature, these Twitter handles are excellent examples of how technology can bring niche groups focusing on a particular idea or, in this case a location, together.

Well-written satire and witty commentary will always be appreciated, regardless of the medium that carries it. It seems these handles are focused on entertaining while taking delight in some slight jabbing at Elon students.

And as long as these users focus on commentary and entertainment, where the satirical isn't mistaken for spiteful, they will continue their rise in popularity.

Twitter is a popular outlet for parody and pop culture. Fan and commentary accounts have risen on both sides of the spectrum and Twitter has had to spell out the rules and guidelines for these accounts. When these rules are not followed, they can result in termination of the account and confusion.

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch joined Twitter early this month and so did his wife, or at least according to Twitter. The Twitter handle @Wendi_Murdoch was given the verified blue circle without being contacted. Later, it was determined the account was, in fact, a parody.

Elon's campus is always going to need students who choose to playfully mock their fellow students, university and even themselves. As long as the focus is commentary and satire instead of bullying, these Twitter handles should continue to post their snarky comments. And if you're not a fan, simply unfollow.

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