A Burlington man was arrested in connection with one breaking and entering in the Oaks Apartments this morning.

Lacy Eugene Flintall Jr. was arrested and charged with one felony count of breaking and entering, one felony count of larceny, one felony count of stolen goods and one count of resisting, delay and obstructing. He was caught in the act of leaving a room in Oaks Building E and found with stolen goods by some of Campus Safety and Police's patrol officers, said Chuck Gantos, director of Campus Safety and Police.

Other stolen goods have since been recovered and might connect him to other breaking and entering incidents this year, said Capt. Doug Dotson.

"He was gaining access by pretending to be locked out of the dorm and having someone let him in," Gantos said.

According to the Clery Log, there have been five larcenies into the Oaks Apartments this year. According to the 2010 Fire and Crime Report released by Campus Safety and Security there were five on-campus burglaries last year. In 2009 there were 20 and 25 in 2008. The most commonly stolen items this year have been electronics including laptops and television sets.

Flintall was taken to the Alamance County jail. His bond is not yet known.

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