Pam Richter

Early last week, the WNBA's Atlanta Dream had to move its location of its first round playoff games. The Dream normally played in Phillips Arena, but had to move the games to Gwinnet Arena because Sesame Street Live was already booked in Phillips Arena.

The fact that a WNBA team had to move its game because of Sesame Street Live is down right comical to me.

As an advocate for women's sports, I am ashamed to admit that I don't even watch the WNBA anymore. And I laughed when I found out the news that the Dream had to move their games because of Sesame Street Live. Let's give that one more second to sink in.

As a die hard women's college basketball fan, it would be natural for me to be a fan of the WNBA as well. I used to be a fan of the league, which is now in its 10th season. Even last month, I attended a game in Indianapolis, an Indiana Fever game.

Sitting in the stands, I was able to speak about the players' college careers, but didn't know much about their professional careers. The league, even for the biggest fans of women's basketball has become too difficult to follow.

Players constantly change teams as an attempt for teams to save money. From year to year, there are few players who stay on the same team, with the exception of a few, and only a few, stars.

Even if the teams were hard to keep up with, I might consider watching the league, but trying to watch the games for just the basketball has become an impossibility for me.

Women's college basketball focuses on the team, not on the individual. A pure team effort is needed for a team to be victorious. The players know the basics of the game and play within their strengths.

A few years ago, this is how the WNBA was. In recent years, the WNBA has made a push to follow the NBA style of basketball with more isolation plays and less of a team effort.

Women's basketball is different from the men's game, there's no question about it. The line is closing in because the WNBA is attempting to be more like the men.

The WNBA needs to go back to team-oriented basketball and embrace the women's basketball game.

I'm concerned about the future of the league.  I'm a huge women's basketball fan, and if I'm not watching, who is?